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In a dynamic and agile environment, application and infrastructure grows rapidly, and keeping track of all changes and manage the whole cloud stack can be a very tough journey.

So that’s way GitOps comes to play, bringing news perspective in a way we usually manage cloud-native application and run Kubernetes in production and at scale, so let’s dive in.

First thing first, It’s known that modern software development practices focus on some main activities such as:

  1. Source code management using tools like Git
  2. Automated building and testing of applications using CI tools like CodeBuild, Jenkins
  3. Automated deployment using tools like…

For a good reason, Docker is severely conservative in maintaining unsed objects (often referred to as “garbage collection”), such as images, containers, volumes and networks. Docker does not remove these objects unless you explicitly do so. These objects are saved on the local machine (i.e dev machine that was generated Docker objects from), and as you are creating these ones, this can cause Docker to use extra disk space. Fortunately, Docker provides a flexible command to get rid of each type of object and reclaim more disk space.

Docker named prune the act of getting rid of unsed objects and…

Newton Costa

Hey, I'm passionate about solving problems in simple and elegant approaches, always open to learning more and make some good friends...

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